NAMIBIA is a truly arid country and in this lies it’s beauty and charm. Add to this the survival of wildlife in harsh environments, the unusual landscapes, the fascinating cultures of the Bushmen and Himba and the blend of other races, and you have a country whose photographic potential and unique features have captured an audience of constant visitors.

The Namib is the oldest desert in the world and stretches along the full length of the western part of Namibia. The adaptations that the desert fauna and flora have undergone make for a fascinating tale of survival.

Windhoek is the capital of Namibia from where most tours start. Popular destinations north of Windhoek include Namibia’s top wildlife attraction, Etosha National Park and the Damaraland region which includes the rock art and magnitude of the Brandberg Massif, the mystical inselbergs of Spitzkoppe, the rock engravings and mountain magic of Twyfelfontein and the wildlife and wilderness of Palmwag and the Etendeka Mountains. The wilderness areas of the Erongo region are located below Damaraland.

Along the northwestern seaboard lie the charming coastal town of Swakopmund and the Skeleton Coast which conjures up images of a coastline littered with shipwrecks and human bones. Further north in Kaokoland the nomadic Himba tribes can often be seen and vast wilderness areas occur from Purros, the Marienfluss and Hartmann’s Valleys to the Epupa Falls.

Northeast of Etosha you will find Bushmanland, the more tropical Kavango region and the rapidly growing wildlife parks of Caprivi which form an extension of Botswana’s Okavango Delta.

Southwest of Windhoek lies the ever popular Namib Naukluft Park where visitors flock to see the awesome dunes of Sossusvlei. Further south you will find the massive Fish River Canyon, the Tiras Mountains around Aus where wild horses roam, the diamond ghost town of Kolmanskop and the small seaside town of Luderitz.

Along the eastern part of Namibia lies the Kalahari, a semi-desert region that sustains a diverse range of wildlife.

You will love the range of highly original lodges and camps throughout Namibia, set in beautiful locations and offering diverse activities.


Wildlife & Wilderness

Exploring the vast and diverse wilderness regions of Namibia offers extraordinary experiences. Marvel at the unreal landscapes and discover the awesome survival adaptations of all desert and arid savanna fauna and flora. Whether you opt for fly-in safaris, guided explorations or self drive, you will savour the tranquillity of the wilderness plains, valleys, dunes and mountains where all forms of life are present and may attract your attention by displaying unique characteristics.
Part of the thrill is discovering something new or different every day. And the variety of creatively designed and beautifully located lodges and camps.
Wildlife and nature experiences in Namibia are not about quantity but about quality, allowing you to appreciate survival in a harsh environment.

Fly-In Safaris

Flying from lodge to lodge is a luxury experience that has great advantages such as allowing you more time at specific locations, easy access where road conditions are long and rough, and breathtaking aerial views of the range of different landscapes throughout Namibia. And you will find that each lodge or camp has it’s own special character largely dictated by it’s location, design, types of experiences and people who run it.

Self Drive

Namibia is an excellent self drive destination due to an extensive road network which includes mostly gravel roads that are well maintained. Nonetheless a vehicle that can handle rugged road conditions is recommended such as a 4WD, SUV or minibus with suitable tyres as small, sharp stones can easily cause punctures. Roads are well marked too and good maps are available.
A wide variety of affordable and luxury accommodation types are offered in Namibia adding to your spectrum of experiences. There are also many beautifully located campsites with good facilities that allow for an itinerary of mixed camping and bedded accommodation. Fully equipped 4WD’s or SUV’s are widely available for rental.

Himba Culture

The Himba are one of the very few Namibian tribes who still practise their ancient traditions and way of life. They are nomadic people, moving to better pastures for their domestic stock when the need arises and are found mostly in Kaokoland and Damaraland in northern Namibia. The women adorn their bodies with ochre and animal fat rubbed into their skin and braided hair which protects and cleanses in a country where water is scarce. They have many fascinating customs which you will learn about on a guided village tour. Although they are proud of their culture and way of life, tourism offers them some compensation towards a frugal lifestyle in a harsh country and is thus well received.

Bushman Culture

The Bushmen are the original inhabitants of Southern Africa and the oldest living race on earth. Their knowledge of plants, animals and natural processes is astounding and the opportunity to learn about their hunter-gatherer culture and way of life is a fascinating, humbling, educative and spiritual experience. Several lodges and tour operators in Namibia offer Bushman cultural experiences in the Kalahari and Bushmanland to demonstrate the gathering of edible and medicinal plants, tracking animals, making fire, poisons used for hunting and construction of bow and arrows.

Scenic Flights

Scenic flights from Swakopmund include a variety of hugely popular options including the Namib Desert, Skeleton Coast, Damaraland, Kaokoland, Fish River Canyon and Luderitz offering you superb views of some magnificent and intriguing landscapes. Flying over the Namib Desert, particularly Sossusvlei, adds greatly to your overall impression of what this area looks like and the variety of dunes in the sea of sand. Aerial photographs of the dunes and desert are special.
Scenic flights over the Skeleton Coast are the best way to see this area as road access is limited and closed to the general public from Terrace Bay northwards unless you do a Fly-In Safari.
Flights to Damaraland and Kaokoland offer Himba village cultural visits and the rock engravings of Twyfelfontein.
Flights to Fish River Canyon and Luderitz include guided walks to the Canyon lookout points and a visit to Kolmanskop.
Most scenic flights can carry a maximum of 5 passengers.

Desert Tours

Day tours of desert fauna and flora are offered in the Sossusvlei region and Swakopmund. A typical experience would be a 4WD adventure through the dunes in search of life in a seemingly barren landscape. All types of insects, spiders, snakes, small mammals, plants and minerals are found and you will learn about the fascinating surival adaptations that allow living organisms to exist in harsh desert conditions. These tours are exciting and informative and provide opportunities for great photos.


Whether you are self driving or on a guided tour, there is so much to see amongst Namibia’s diverse landscapes, natural attractions, desert wildlife, fauna and flora, historical sites, cultures, architecture, people and unusual sights. Namibia is a perfect destination for photography as the light is almost always good and the subjects are extraordinary and diverse.

Kayak Tours

Kayak Tours on Walvis Bay Lagoon and surrounding waters will enthrall nature lovers and photographers.
The lagoon is one of the richest wetlands in Southern Africa, a sanctuary to a huge variety of birds, plankton species, fish life and dolphins. Sporadic whale sightings also occur here.
Several Tour Operators offer kayak tours on the lagoon to Pelican Point where there is a seal colony. The seals are keen to approach the kayaks providing an overall wonderful and unique adventure.

Boat Cruises

A Marine Cruise from Walvis Bay provides the opportunity of seeing a variety of dolphins, fur seal colonies, sunfish and rare and endangered species such as the leather backed turtle, killer whales and a selection of true whales. This is a great outdoor leisure experience with beautiful views from the bay and numerous bird sightings.

Balloon Safaris

Lift off the ground at sunrise on a balloon safari in the Namib Desert and drift along enjoying fantastic views of the pristine dunes and landscapes of Sossusvlei and surrounding areas. Flight duration is normally an hour. Celebrate this awesome experience with a champagne breakfast in the middle of nowhere. This is an experience of a lifetime.

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