Bushmanland – Including Nyae Nyae, Tsumkwe & Khaudum Game Reserve


Covering almost 20,000 sq. kms and bordering on Botswana, the area known as Bushmanland lies east of Grootfontein in northeastern Namibia. The importance of this area is in the preservation of the Bushman culture. There are many Bushman villages scattered around the region and Bushmanland is one of the more populated areas of Bushman communities left in Southern Africa.

Self drive visitors to Bushmanland must be fully self sufficient and be prepared to travel on roads with very thick sand, especially in Khaudum Game Reserve.

Nyae Nyae Conservancy

The Nyae Nyae Conservancy is 9,000 sq. kms in size and was established in 1988 to allow local Bushman communities control of the wildlife and tourism in Bushmanland. Local guides are available who organise visits to the Bushman communities and fascinating cultural experiences such as dancing, tracking, traditional hunting and gathering plants for food and medicine. Many communities offer simple campsites for visitors. The Bushman experiences offered are of the most authentic you may find in Southern Africa.


This small town is the centre of Bushmanland and comprises a collection of shops, trading stores and craft stalls. There is a filling station though one should not rely on it. Tsumkwe Lodge offers accommodation and tours of Bushmanland and can be used as a base for exploring the area.

Khaudum Game Reserve

Khaudum Game Reserve is located in the northeast part of Bushmanland. It is a wild and remote reserve with a diverse complement of big game and predators but not an overall abundance of animals. Gameviewing is better here during the dry season. There are two campsites at either end of the Reserve, Sikereti in the south and Khaudum in the north. Deep sand requires 4WD vehicles and good driving skills.

Bushmanland is a highly recommended place to visit for those who love exploring, adventure and the tranquillity one finds in remote areas.