The Fish River Canyon is located in southern Namibia and is part of the Ai-Ais / Richtersveld Transfrontier Park shared between Namibia and South Africa. It is a spectacular arid mountain landscape deeply scarred through millions of years of crustal movement, glacial pressure, erosion and the perennial Fish River that still snakes its way far below.

Although it is often claimed to be the world’s second largest canyon, the Fish River Canyon is smaller than Ethiopia’s Blue Nile Gorge and is thus only Africa’s second largest canyon. It is 161 kms long, 27 kms wide and 550 m at its deepest point.

The Main Viewpoint at Hobas is located in the northern part of the Fish River Canyon, 10 kms after the Hobas Campsite, and is the highest and most accessible area to observe the Fish River Canyon. From here and on either side there are awesome views of the surrounding landscapes.

Between the Main Viewpoint and the Hobas Campsite there is a road heading south to Sulphur Springs Viewpoint which affords more breathtaking views of the Fish River Canyon.

Excellent accommodation is available at Canon Roadhouse & Campsite, Canon Village, Canon Lodge and Canon Mountain Camp, all offering activities in the Fish River Canyon and on their properties such as Hiking Trails, Mule Trails, Horse Riding and Sundowner Walks and Drives.

Ai-Ais is located at the southern end of the Fish River Canyon where there is a Rest Camp with chalets and a campsite. Here you can soak your body in a hot sulphurous spa providing a soothing and relaxing experience after trekking along the canyon trails or driving along the dusty desert roads.

If travelling from Cape Town, Richtersveld or Kgalakgadi Transfrontier Park, the Fish River Canyon is a highly recommended addition to your itinerary.