Guided Safaris

Our thrilling range of Guided Safaris :
  Include wildlife, adventure, leisure, nature, wilderness, cultural and sightseeing experiences.
  Are conducted in areas ranging from pristine wilderness to buzzing cities, towns and villages.
  Range from luxury to comfortably accommodated options. Camping options are available too on request.
  Are led by professional registered guides and offer highly personalized attention.
  Include  all accommodation, entrance fees, transportation and meals unless specified otherwise.
  Suitable for small to medium sized groups. Large group tours are available too on request.

Guided Safaris have the benefit of getting you to the key areas to maximise your travel experiences, affording you the luxury of being shown the highlights while you sit back, take photographs and concentrate on the subject of your interest. In addition, an experienced guide has the ability to heighten the excitement and offer you unforgettable memories.

Why waste time trying to find wild animals in the bush or understand animal behaviour when you can go on a thrilling Guided Safari led by  a professional guide who will take you to the action, tell you the stories, give you the facts and entertain you to the last minute !

Nothing can compare with the excitement afforded by a Wildlife Safari. This is no zoo ! From the lion roaring outside your camp at night, to the eerie wails of hyenas and jackals and the bird calls that bring the landscapes to life, this is a sensory experience where you can witness animals in their own domain.

Adventure Safaris are for the young at heart and adventurous person who enjoys the diverse range of experiences and photographic opportunities that Africa can offer.

We have Leisure Safaris for those who prefer more comfort or luxury, tastefully blended with a degree of leisure and spiced with all the delights of African sights and experiences.

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