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16 Day Botswana Self Drive Safari

Nov 1, 2012   //   by Sam Wingate   //   Safaris  //  Comments Off on 16 Day Botswana Self Drive Safari

Wildlife, wilderness, open savanna, pristine landscapes, idyllic bush atmospheres and more wildlife. This is what makes Botswana the perfect and most sought-after  wildlife destination in Africa and the archetypal African Safari destination as the experience is really wild and exciting.
Self Drive in Botswana is the affordable way to see this country though you must be prepared to do a lot of camping and to rough it. Road conditions can be difficult to negotiate and campsites can be quite basic. But the thrill of being in the heart of wild animal country and the entertaining birdlife is priceless.

This Self Drive African Safari is flexible with regard to where you start and end, the locations you wish to include, the dates and duration of the itinerary and the type of accommodation you would like.
We will restructure this itinerary to suit your requirements and book your accommodation and vehicles.
We are able to provide 4×4 vehicles that are fully equipped for camping including rooftop tents, dual battery systems and fridge / freezers.

10 Day Follow The Migration Camping Safari

Jul 17, 2012   //   by Sam Wingate   //   Safaris  //  Comments Off on 10 Day Follow The Migration Camping Safari

Arusha to Nairobi                                                                                               US$ 3,330 p.p.s.

Reach into the heart of East Africa’s wildlife destinations on this thrilling Camping Safari that will take you from Arusha into Tarangire National Park for exciting gameviewing and where you will camp for the night.
Then on to Ngorongoro Crater to marvel at this wondrous landscape that attracts an abundance of wildlife all year round.
Serengeti National Park is next where you spend two nights in this magnificent park.
Now move on to Lake Victoria for a night before reaching the awesome Masai Mara where you will spend two nights.
Then to Lake Nakuru National Park to revel in the sight of the huge flocks of flamingos and abundance of game.
Your safari ends in Nairobi.
You will stay in a variety of wonderful campsites and travel in a 4×4 Landcruiser where every guest is guaranteed a window seat.

10 Day Tanzania & Kenya Highlights Lodge Safari

Jul 16, 2012   //   by Sam Wingate   //   Safaris  //  Comments Off on 10 Day Tanzania & Kenya Highlights Lodge Safari


Arusha to Nairobi                                                                                   From  US$ 4,400 p.p.s.

This itinerary covers the best wildlife areas of Northern Tanzania and Kenya with diverse and beautiful landscapes that complement the thrilling gameviewing in 4×4 Landcruisers.
Your chances of seeing the abundant herds of wildebeest and zebra are very good on this East African Lodge Safari which follows part of the migration route through Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park and Kenya’s Masai Mara Game Reserve.  Included on the itinerary are Tarangire National Park, the magnificent Ngorongoro Crater, Lake Victoria where you will gain some insight into the lives of the local people and the flamingo-filled Lake Nakuru.
Very comfortable accommodation is offered in a variety of Tented Camps and Lodges.
Window seats are guaranteed for all guests.

7 Day Best of Tanzania Lodge Safari

Jul 16, 2012   //   by Sam Wingate   //   Safaris  //  Comments Off on 7 Day Best of Tanzania Lodge Safari


Arusha to Arusha                                                                                   From  US$ 2,350 p.p.s.

This affordable Northern Tanzania Wildlife Safari takes you along one of the best gameviewing routes East Africa has to offer.
You have 2 nights in each of the spectacular wildlife reserves of Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Crater complemented by 1 night stays in Tarangire and Lake Manyara National Parks.
Enjoy the combination of thrilling gameviewing in customised 4×4 Landcruisers and diverse landscapes ranging from the giant baobabs, marshes and bush savanna of Tarangire to the vast open savanna of Serengeti, the mountains and valleys of Ngorongoro and the cliffs, forests, woodlands and aquatic habitats of Manyara.
And if you time it right, you have the opportunity to witness the thrilling great migration of wildebeest and zebra that take advantage of their numbers to saturate the hungry predators.
Comfortable accommodation is provided in lodges, hotels and tented camps that include restaurants, bars and swimming pools for your leisure moments.
Every guest is guaranteed a window seat.

4 Day Delta Explorer

Jul 10, 2012   //   by Sam Wingate   //   Wildlife Safari  //  Comments Off on 4 Day Delta Explorer


Maun to Maun                                                                                                    US$ 2,065 p.p.s

Spend 3 full days exploring Moremi Game Reserve by boat and on foot. You will stay in a fully serviced Tented Camp on the edge of the Boro River with the chance to experience an abundance of wildlife and birds in this stunning paradise.
You will be transferred to your camp from Maun by helicopter allowing you the opportunity of seeing wildlife from the air over the Okavango Delta.
At the end of your safari you will be tranferred back to Maun by boat and road or you can opt for a  helicopter transfer.

9 Day Botswana Baobabs Classic Safari

Jul 10, 2012   //   by Sam Wingate   //   Wildlife Safari  //  Comments Off on 9 Day Botswana Baobabs Classic Safari


Maun to Victoria Falls                                                                                 Euro 3,290 p.p.s

This classic Botswana Wildlife Safari takes you through the prime wildlife area of Northern Botswana and ends in Victoria Falls.
Accommodation is in 3 to 4 star lodges and tented camps with fully serviced camping facilities offering you true comfort in the heart of the wild.
This small group safari of between 4 and 8 guests will be led by 2 Safari Guides whose knowledge and experience is greatly rewarding.
You will spend 3 nights in the Moremi and Khwai region where game is abundant and the landscapes diverse and very scenic. Then on to Savute for 3 nights where the terrain is more open and the night air filled with whoops and calls in one of the wildest parts of Botswana. Now to the Chobe River area where the massive herds of buffalo and elephant gather to slake their thirst and wallow in the cool water. Here you will do a Sunset Boat Cruise and a full day of gameviewing along the river and in the forests. Your safari ends in Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe where you have countless options for adventure and leisure activities and the joy of seeing one of the most magnificent natural sights in the world.

Lake Kariba

Aug 5, 2011   //   by Sam Wingate   //   Safaris  //  No Comments

Lake Kariba on the Zambezi River is the world’s largest man-made lake,  282 kms long and up to 40 kms wide. Surrounding the lake are private game reserves that allow for great gameviewing from a boat.
Hiring a houseboat on Lake Kariba for five days is a great experience, combining unique gameviewing with a leisure holiday like no other. Every night you anchor in a different place providing beautiful sunsets from your viewing deck. And facing the animals coming down to drink in the afternoons sheds a different light on gameviewing.
Your crew consists of a captain, cook and deckhand who see to your every need. A typical double-decker boat will have sleeping quarters, bar and kitchen on the lower deck, with the upper deck for dining, entertainment and gameviewing.
Accommodation is also available in the small town of Kariba.

Mozambique Island

Aug 5, 2011   //   by Sam Wingate   //   Safaris  //  No Comments

Measuring 2.5 kms long and 600 metres wide, this tiny island has a cosmopolitan population of around 12,000 people. Located In Nampula province in northern Mozambique, this destination is valued for its historical richness and cross cultural architecture, not for its beaches.
A former capital of Portuguese East Africa and trading post for gold, ivory and slaves,  Mozambique island is now a World Heritage Site designated for its cultural importance.

Semonkong Lodge

Aug 5, 2011   //   by Sam Wingate   //   Safaris  //  No Comments

Semonkong Lodge is situated 130 kms from Maseru but takes 3 hours to drive. The Lodge is near the Maletsunyane Falls, the highest in Southern Africa at 186 metres. Semonkong is proud to be operating the world’s highest single drop abseil next to the Falls which is 204 metres.
It is a lovely area to explore and there are a variety of activities offered including pony treks, hiking, 4×4 trips, fishing, climbing and of course abseiling.
If you could time your visit to coincide with the local horse racing event, you will experience a day like no other. The event attracts locals from all around who create a festive atmosphere and no race could be more exciting than this.
Accommodation is in thatched stone chalets and camping.

Sehlabathebe National Park

Aug 5, 2011   //   by Sam Wingate   //   Safaris  //  No Comments

Situated on Lesotho’s eastern border in the Drakensberg Mountains, Sehlabathebe is 2,400 metres above sea level and Southern Africa’s highest National Park. Access to the Park is via Bushman’s Neck in the Natal Drakensberg, either on horseback or on foot. It is also accessible from Lesotho by road but requires a 4WD.
This is an extremely beautiful area with great places to explore on foot or horseback including tarn lakes and ponds, a waterfall with a great pool below for swimming, Bushman paintings, old Sotho community villages built into the rock shelters and the narrow crest above Devil’s Knuckles where you teeter between Lesotho and South Africa. There is good birding here too and a few species of game. And the clean mountain air is conducive to putting your feet up and relaxing with a good book.
Accommodation is in a very modest 12 bed lodge with adequate self catering facilities. The hub of the lodge at night is the lounge which houses an excellent fireplace that does a very good job of warming this large room on the cold nights,winter or summer.
The journey up and down on horseback adds greatly to the excitement and romance of a unique experience.

Etosha National Park

Aug 5, 2011   //   by Sam Wingate   //   Safaris  //  Comments Off on Etosha National Park

Located in northern Namibia between the Southern Kunene Region and Owamboland, Etosha is one of the largest national parks in Africa covering an area of 22,750 sq.kms with a diversity of habitats and an abundance of wildlife. Almost one quarter of the park is taken up by the huge white calcrete Etosha Pan, a saline and acidic depression that does not yield much plant life. Many animals frequent the fringes of the pans and the contrast between the pans and the surrounding savanna produces a remarkable scenic effect. Herds of antelope and ostrich will wander onto the pans to supplement their salt deficiencies.
There are 114 species of mammals in Etosha National Park, but no crocodiles, hippo, buffalo or monkeys, and 340 bird species of which raptors and ground dwelling birds are of particular interest.
Many private lodges and camps can be found outside Anderson and Von Lindequist Gates that offer game drives inside Etosha National Park.
Etosha National Park is one of Namibia’s biggest tourist drawcards and is best visited in the dry season between May and November.
Camps inside Etosha National Park :
Okaukuejo Camp is the most popular camp in Etosha National Park with a floodlit waterhole that attracts an abundance of game day and night. People flock to this site for fantastic views of wildlife. Okaukuejo Camp is 17 kms from Anderson Gate and is the closest camp to Windhoek. Accommodation includes chalets and camping sites and facilities include a restaurant, swimming pool, shop and filling station.
Halali Camp is further east, 70 kms from Okaukuejo Camp. Halali also has a floodlit waterhole and the camp has a relaxed atmosphere. Nearby are some springs and waterholes on the edge of Etosha Pan that attract a lot of game. Accommodation facilities are similar to Okaukuejo Camp.
Namutoni Camp is 70 kms east of Halali Camp and is located near Von Lindequist Gate which is the eastern entrance into Etosha National Park. The accommodation facilities are similar to Okaukuejo Camp but are built into an old German Fort. There is a waterhole in this camp too that can be seen from a viewing deck, as well as from two restaurants and from the walls of the fort.
Onkoshi Camp is located in an exclusive area of the eastern part of Etosha National Park with accommodation that consists of 15 chalets on wooden structures overlooking Etosha Pan. This is more of a luxury camp and facilities include a restaurant and swimming pool. Guided morning and afternoon game drives are offered with the added advantage of being in an exclusive area.
Dolomite Camp is also located in an exclusive area but on the western side of Etosha National Park near Galton Gate. There are many waterholes in the area that attract game such as rhino, elephant and a variety of antelope as well as predators like lion and leopard. Accommodation is in permanent Luxury Tents and facilities and activities are similar to Onkoshi Camp.


Aug 5, 2011   //   by Sam Wingate   //   Safaris  //  Comments Off on Tsodilo

Tsodilo is a World Heritage Site located in northwestern Botswana with one of the highest concentrations of rock art in the world. Tsodilo is a rocky outcrop comprising four main hills that rise above the flat Kalahari landscape. It is a place that exudes a strong mystical feeling, especially as it is one of the world’s oldest archaeological sites, dating back 100,000 years.
The earliest inhabitants in Tsodilo were the ancestors of the original Southern African people, the Bushmen and Khoi, and Bantu people have been living here for the past 200 years. Tsodilo is revered as a place of worship and as a home for ancestral spirits amongst local communities, especially the Bushmen and Hambukushu people who live nearby.
There are over 4,500 rock paintings in the caves and shelters of Tsodilo, most of which were painted by Bushmen, and some by Khoi people.
Tsodilo is thus one of the most important rock art sites in Southern Africa and was declared a World Heritage Site for its cultural value and importance.
Activities at Tsodilo include guided walking trails to view the rock art and cultural experiences at local villages. There is also a small museum at the entrance.
Tsodilo is a well-recommended addition to a Botswana Safari as it is one of the most important cultural sites in this fascinating country.


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