Victoria Falls, Livingstone

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The Victoria Falls, known in the local language as “the smoke that thunders”,  is certainly one of the most incredible natural wonders of the world and popular tourist destinations of Southern Africa. Situated about 60 kms downstream from the confluence of the Chobe and Zambezi Rivers where the four countries of Botswana, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe meet, the Victoria Falls is shared between Zimbabwe and Zambia.
Measuring 1,7 kms wide and 100 metres high, the spectacular Falls has a myriad of different viewpoints and is best seen from both the Zimbabwean and Zambian sides. Approaching the Falls from kilometres away, one sees the spray and mist high above and the roar of the thundering waters which together make a huge impression.
On the Zimbabwean side, the small town of Victoria Falls caters for the tourist market, offering accommodation, adventure, leisure and cultural activities, local craft markets, restaurants and bars. There is an international airport located just outside the town. Seen from the Zimbabwean side in the Victoria Falls National Park, one has direct head-on views of the Falls whereas on the Zambian side one sees the Falls from a variety of angles and perspectives that shed a different light on the magnificence of this natural feature.
On the Zambian side, the larger town of Livingstone also survives off the tourist market, offering a wealth of accommodation, activities, markets, restaurants, bars and shops. An international airport is located just outside of the town. The many adventure activities offered in Victoria Falls and Livingstone are almost as popular as the Falls themselves, especially white water rafting, bungi jumping and Flight of the Angels offering helicopter and light aircraft flights over the Falls.
In order to determine the best time to visit the Victoria Falls, one has to consider several factors.  Between April and June is when the most water can be seen plunging heavily over the Falls. At this time you will get wet and it is more difficult to get good photos though the sight is surely spectacular. This is a good time to see the waterfall from the air.
Between July and September is when there is still a reasonable flow and you can get good views of the Falls without getting wet. This could be considered as the best time to visit.
Between  October and December the flow is at a minimum and some parts of the Falls are dry. This is not the best time to view the Falls but certain great activities are only possible during this period such as swimming right to the edge of the Falls in Devil’s Pool and water activities on the Zambezi River below the Falls.
Between January and March/April is the rainy season and it is hot and humid. The flow is reasonably good at this time, much like the period between July and September.

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