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Tsodilo is a World Heritage Site located in northwestern Botswana with one of the highest concentrations of rock art in the world. Tsodilo is a rocky outcrop comprising four main hills that rise above the flat Kalahari landscape. It is a place that exudes a strong mystical feeling, especially as it is one of the world’s oldest archaeological sites, dating back 100,000 years.
The earliest inhabitants in Tsodilo were the ancestors of the original Southern African people, the Bushmen and Khoi, and Bantu people have been living here for the past 200 years. Tsodilo is revered as a place of worship and as a home for ancestral spirits amongst local communities, especially the Bushmen and Hambukushu people who live nearby.
There are over 4,500 rock paintings in the caves and shelters of Tsodilo, most of which were painted by Bushmen, and some by Khoi people.
Tsodilo is thus one of the most important rock art sites in Southern Africa and was declared a World Heritage Site for its cultural value and importance.
Activities at Tsodilo include guided walking trails to view the rock art and cultural experiences at local villages. There is also a small museum at the entrance.
Tsodilo is a well-recommended addition to a Botswana Safari as it is one of the most important cultural sites in this fascinating country.

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