African Destinations

Africa is a continent of unique destinations, each of it’s countries differing in various ways, each with it’s own identity, look and feel.
There’s the wildlife, the wilderness and the scenic landscapes and there’s the people, cultures and ways of life.
And there’s an ancient past which lends a mystic quality to the mix.
This is the spice that will make you click and click….leaving unforgettable memories and a strong urge to return.

South Africa

South Africa is one of the most diverse destinations, both in it’s variety of scenic landscapes, its blend of different people and its infrastructure that offers a large choice of tourism facilities and services.
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Botswana rates as one of the top wildlife destinations in the world and apart from being a diamond-rich country, has two very rare quality jewels,the Okavango Delta and the Kalahari Desert.
It is a country where game roams freely, especially in the northern half.
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Namibia is a truly arid country and in this lies it’s beauty and charm.
Its unique quality is enhanced by unusual landscapes, survival of wildlife in harsh environments, the fascinating cultures of the Bushmen and Himba and the blend of other races. It is certainly one of the most unusual destinations in the world.
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Swaziland is a small landlocked independent kingdom sharing borders with South Africa and Mozambique.
This charming destination is situated between Kruger Park and Kwazulu Natal. Many visitors are attracted to the enticing craft markets and Swazi cultural experiences.
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Lesotho is another landlocked kingdom within South Africa’s borders, surrounded by the Drakensberg and Maluti mountains.
It is a poor country with minimal infrastructure and a small population which has retained its cultural traditions.
Lesotho is a mountainous, rugged and undeveloped destination, an adventure to visit.
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Mozambique’s big attraction is its superb coastline and tropical atmosphere.
The warm blue waters of the Indian Ocean offer visitors great beach holidays and water sports.
African, Portuguese and Arab influences have combined to give this tropical destination a special character.
Its wildlife and beautiful game parks are being restored after years of deterioration.
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Zimbabwe is a beautiful country that can take hold of your heart. Smiling people, wild and exciting Game Parks and wonderful savanna landscapes make it a  warm and special destination.
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Zambia shares the mighty Zambezi River and Victoria Falls with Zimbabwe.
It is a large country, a wildlife destination that offers prime safari experiences.
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The combination of fascinating cultures, thrilling wildlife experiences, vast uninhabited spaces and beautiful landscapes makes African destinations hugely appealing to travellers.

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