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1 2 Go Tours is an African Safari Company and Travel Specialist based in Africa

Welcome to Africa, the land we love and continue to explore, from the bustling cities and buzzing villages to the most remote and pristine landscapes. We have a  passion for travel and fascination of nature and people, seeking every available opportunity to discover new places, into the tranquil mountains and cool forests, across the savanna plains and bushveld where wild animals roam, along the stunning coastal areas where wild waves thunder, through the lonely deserts, down the rolling rivers and into the heart of the cities, towns and villages with fascinating people and cultures.

1 2 Go Tours is about travel, satisfying your needs and making your dreams come true, about showcasing the best that Africa has to offer and creating unforgettable experiences.
It’s about getting you to where you’ve always wanted to go or maybe never known about, to places that may stir your soul and open new doors.

We strive to interpret your wishes and realise your dreams. You may not know where to go or what to do which is why we are here for you.  With 15 years of experience in African travel and safaris, we feel qualified to advise and guide you towards the holiday of a lifetime.

 Products & Services                                                Areas of Operation

•  Specialist Safari Planning and Travel Advice                                       •  South Africa
•  Classic Travel Packages                                                                   •  Botswana
•  Guided Safaris                                                                                 •  Namibia
•  Lodge Safaris                                                                                   •  Zambia
•  Self Drive Itineraries                                                                          •  Zimbabwe
•  Tailor-made Safaris                                                                           •  Malawi & Mozambique
•  Excursions and Activities                                                                  •  Swaziland & Lesotho
•  Accommodation                                                                               •  Tanzania & Kenya
•  Vehicle Rental                                                                                  •  Madagascar & the Indian Ocean Islands

We are committed to :
•  Service excellence
•  Guest satisfaction
•  Inducing excitement in what Africa has to offer
•  Being approachable and professional at all times
•  Providing unforgettable experiences that will leave a desire to return

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+27 82 333 2393

Our Details

+2782 333 2393


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